Email Marketing & Database Management

Email marketing campaigns we’ve managed

During our time with Tourism Ireland, we managed email marketing campaigns in Spain, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa.

Tourism Ireland sends regular email newsletters to their to consumer databases in order to generate traffic to

Reactivating Tourism Ireland Spain’s Inactive Database Contacts

In 2015, we were tasked with reviewing the Tourism Ireland Spain’s database and designing an email reactivation campaign to re-connect with inactive consumers. More than half of their email marketing database had not opened an email in the previous year and our objective was to get them to start opening their emails again. We created and managed a four-stage process to reactivate these consumers. During each stage, we concentrated on revitalising the email newsletter’s subject lines and leveraging inspirational web content which had performed well with Spanish consumers in the past. Throughout this process, our aim was to surprise, intrigue and re-connect with consumers.

This campaign successfully reactivated more than 2,300 of their inactive consumers, whilst their open rates increased by 11% and their click through rates increased by 1.6%.

Leveraging Tourism Ireland Spain’s Click Activity to improve Email Marketing Results

Tourism Ireland Spain wanted to begin sending follow up email newsletters to consumers based on their click activity. To trial this idea, we sent an e-zine to their active database about U2 titled ‘Discover U2’s Dublin’. The consumers who engaged with the e-zine received a follow up e-zine the next week with more content on music in Ireland titled ‘If you like U2, you’ll love this…’

The follow up e-zine received a very high level of engagement with an open rate of more than 54%.

Managing Tourism Ireland’s Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are just a few more of the hundreds of email newsletters we created for Tourism Ireland’s consumer and trade databases from 2009 to 2017.