Travel & Tourism Consultancy

We provide a strategic consultancy service for travel & tourism companies considering international markets. Our experience promoting the island of Ireland as a tourism destination in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South Africa and South America enable us to provide you with expert guidance when you are considering which markets to target with your products and services.

We work with you to understand your company’s business and marketing objectives when targeting international visitors and create a marketing and business development strategy tailored to your needs. We have forged excellent business relationships with key tour operators and travel agents over the years which we will utilise when designing your business development strategy.

Target your final consumer directly

Travel & tourism companies wishing to target their final consumer directly often find that the biggest challenge is trying to choose which international markets to target and who your target consumer should be.

  • We work with you to determine the most appropriate target countries and consumers
  • We then develop a marketing strategy which optimises your investment for each market

Increase programming of your product

Travel & tourism companies who want to build relationships with tour operators and increase programming of your product or service will benefit from our years of experience in the travel & tourism industry.

  • We work with you to determine the most appropriate target countries and tour operators
  • We then create a business development strategy which introduces you to the leading operators in your chosen markets

Offline Services

We also offer a variety of offline services which complement your business development strategy. Our bilingual team provides you with assistance in Spain, Ireland or further afield.

  • We organise your events
  • We schedule your sales calls
  • We provide bilingual translators to accompany you on your sales calls.
  • We represent your company at events
  • We make sales calls on your behalf

Want to know what the people we work with say about us?

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Jenny through her Digital & Social Media role in Tourism Ireland. Jenny is a highly skilled marketer who combines a deep understanding of the target audience and solid research with creative digital campaigns to deliver results. She is a great communicator, professional and approachable at all times and always ready to advise on strategy and best practice in the marketplace.”

Leanne Cromie
Business Unit Manager (Sales & Marketing) at Bunk Campers


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